CJ5 Full Hardtop and Doors

Additional Comments:

Hardtop and Doors (1954-1975) $2145*

Hardtop and Doors (1976-1983) $1995*

Roof Rack $250

Sunroof $275

Dome Light $35

Third Brake Light $50

• White
• Black
• Tan

1954-1971 Jeep CJ5 Early Model
1972-1975 Jeep CJ5 Intermediate Model
1976-1983 Jeep CJ5 Late Model

The Jeep CJ5 is a version of the original World War II and Korean War era military Jeeps produced by Willys. The CJ, which stands for “Civilian Jeep,” is the most enduring marque used for both off-road and city driving.

For years CJ5 owners have had to do without new hardtops and doors. Now Hardtop Depot has them. They are made with multi-layers of fiberglass and reinforcing materials.

Our full doors have a sliding window that locks and a handy pocket at the bottom for maps. All the solid windows are safety glass tinted to 31%. The interior is carpeted to cut down on road noise.

The back window goes up on two gas props and has two locks, (for double the security). The top is also designed to work with soft half doors.

Kit includes all hardware for installation.

Our hardtop and doors will work on all model CJ5’s.

CJ5 Full Hardtop and Doors
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales Tax
1Hardtop & Doors (1954-1975) Black$2,145.00Band 1
2Hardtop & Doors (1954-1975) White$2,145.00Band 1
3Hardtop & Doors (1954-1975) Tan$2,145.00Band 1
4Hardtop & Doors (1976-1983) Black$1,995.00Band 1
5Hardtop & Doors (1976-1983) White$1,995.00Band 1
6Hardtop & Doors (1976-1983) Tan$1,995.00Band 1
7Roof Rack$250.00Band 1
8Sunroof$275.00Band 1
9Dome Light$35.00Band 1
10Third Brake Light$50.00Band 1
Shipping Rate: D
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