YJ Full Door Model

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Hardtop $1595*

Roof Rack $250

Sunroof $275

Dome Light $35

Third Brake Light $50

• White
• Black
• Tan


1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ

The Jeep YJ, sold as the Wrangler, replaced the much-loved but slower-selling Jeep CJ, in 1987. It was a new design with a wider wheelbase, slightly less ground clearance, and more comfort. Despite the new grill, the body is very similar to the CJ7′s, and it is interchangeable with some minor modifications. For the first and last time, Jeep produced a model with square headlights. YJs produced in early 1996 were sold as 1995 models.

Hardtop Depot makes a hardtop for this vehicle.

They are made with multi-layers of fiberglass and reinforcing materials. All the solid windows are safety glass tinted to 31%. The interior is carpeted to cut down on road noise. The back window goes up on two gas props and has two locks, (for double the security).

The Kit includes all hardware for installation.


YJ Hardtop
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales Tax
1YJ Hardtop Black$1,595.00Band 1
2YJ Hardtop White$1,595.00Band 1
3YJ Hardtop Tan$1,595.00Band 1
4Roof Rack$250.00Band 1
5Sunroof$275.00Band 1
6Dome Light$35.00Band 1
7Third Brake Light$50.00Band 1
Shipping Rate: A
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