Good evening Jerry,

I hope you had a great christmas and happy new year… our weather has been cold for houston and last time we talked, it had snowed. From the weather forecast it could snow again next week… the new door arrived late yesterday.. I got it opened up and out of the crate and looks great, no damage from shipping..i got up this morning and spent about an hour fitting and shifting for the best position. I have attached pictures as i went through the process. The end result, i an very happy with the new door. The trimming of the door took care of the clearance needed to look correct. Not having the hinge holes allowed me to fit exactly where it needed to be located. I also shot a picture of where the standard holes are located verses where they ended up..

I know this cost you time and resources and i really appreciate what you have done for me… the end result, i am sure the jeep will look great with your top and doors… i will definitely give your company a great reference for your quality and personalized service. It is hard to find companies in any field now days that take personal satisfaction with their customers. Even if you had not done what you did to help me, i still would have gave a great reference.

Thanks a bunch and i will keep you posted with pictures on progess…